Monday, 24 November 2008

Nigella, eat your heart out!

Today I am mostly being a domestic goddess.
I got up at the usual time of 6am, not because I wanted to but it's the only option when Carter decides it's getting up time. I'd already spent thirty minutes trying to ignore his little voice pleading with me, "brep-bust peese Mammy?".
Within the hour two kids up, dressed and eating breakfast.
One kid (Izzy) still in bed with an alleged bad tummy.
One husband still in bed, completely oblivious to anything involving kids prior to somewhere around 7.30am.
Two pesky cats fed and watered.
Packed lunches made.
Kev up.
Showered, dressed, hair done and slap on by 8am. Me not Kev
School shoes cleaned by 8.20am. By Kev not me.
Teeth brushed, hair plaited and ribbons tied by 8.25am. Eliza's, not mine.
Eliza off to school at 8.40am. By Kev as I had to stay at home with Izzy who incidently had made a miraculous recovery by 10am.
All the chaos left by breakfast sorted and kitchen clean and tidy (sort of) by 9.15am.
A very long list of christmas cake ingredients weighed, measured, sifted, grated, beaten, chopped, folded, blended and into a very large cake tin, into a warm oven by 10.30 am.
Impressed? Well I was.
I didn't have any brandy so had to use some of Kev's J.D. instead......
Kev has a bit of a thing for Nigella.
I personally think she's a tad on the large side but fair play to me, I did a pretty good impression of her with my domestic triumph this morning.
I am brunette again these days. (Couldn't sustain the blonde persona any longer)
My bum is considerably smaller than hers though.
Mind you after eating plenty of the cake, which I certainly will, my bum may give hers a run for it's money.
A run would do it good, get rid of a few pounds!!!
By 11am. I was sat down in my pinny having a coffee and feeling a bit smug.
By 2.30pm the cake was cooked and it looks fab!......not sure how it will look after the girls have decorated it in a couple of weeks time but it should taste good all the same.
If it doesn't, we will still have the mince pies. My Mum always makes us a couple of dozen at Christmas so no worries there.
It's now 6.25pm, dinner's in the oven waiting for Kev to get home, all the kids are bathed and pyjama'd so I really would have excelled myself if Carter wasn't curled up on my lap, fast asleep as I type this.
What happens now is Carter will wake up in a few hours and think it's morning, not settle down to sleep until way past his 7.15pm usual bed time but still manage to wake up far too early tomorrow morning and hassle me for his breakfast.....................